Ongi Etorri!


To the Basque Club of North Queensland's Website. We strive to promote Basque culture and our club is rich with fun, good times and entertainment


In May 2003 Joe Goicoechea with a few helpers sent out letters to people whose surnames looked like they may be of Basque Ancestry. Joe had been thinking of trying to get a club going for many years.

On June 8 of that year about 25 people met in Joe’s house on Stanton Hill in Townsville and began the process of establishing how to get the club going.

A Draft constitution was written and the first General Meeting of the Club was held on the 10th August 2003 at the Wulguru Community Hall. The club then received advice that it was formally recognised as an Incorporated Association on the 13th November 2003. We started with over 200 members and have managed to keep that level of membership.

Some of the highlights over the past 10 years have been:

Bishop Michael Putney, Mayor Jenny Hill, Founder Joe Goicoechea & President Pedro Mendiolea cutting the 10th Anniversary cake